The Silex has a low entry rocker combined with a tail vent exit, which will allow you to surf tight in the pocket. You will catch waves easily through added volume under your chest. It packs lots of drive due to the combined nose and tail rocker curve balancing well with the centre of gravity of the board. The single wing bat tail with hydro vent bottom will give you speed, looseness and will help you fulfil your potential on the wave. This innovative model is a must in your quiver.

  • Length

    5'4" - 6'10"
  • Width

    19 3/4" - 22"
  • Thickness

    2 5/16" - 3"
  • Fin setup

  • Tail

    Single wing bat tail with hydro vent bottom
  • Waves

    Knee high to overhead
  • Level

    Intermediate to Advanced